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SOO ·JIN Quality

Feel the Difference

Korean style clothing is characterized most notably by the specific fabric materials used to make them. Particular attention is emphasized on the need to give clothing pieces the soft and smooth texture of skin and silk. For example many of our clothing pieces such as the Chiffon Halter Top are made of chiffon fabric which is famous for its smooth silky soft texture and lightweight quality, evoking the symbolism of female elegance, which is the at the center of Asian fashion styles. - Korean fashion

Made to Last

Our clothing line is hand-picked by our fashion team to provide only top quality clothing that are made to last. This means they are resilient to daily wear, maintains their shape well and does not fade in color.


Pilling is a phenomenon whereby the fabric of a piece of clothing starts to rip in small bits and then detach from the woven surface to eventually result in the formation of “fuzz balls”, decreasing not only the life-span of the clothing but also affects its aesthetic appeal. While this typically happens to knitted pieces, other fabric materials such as cotton and even synthetic fibers can also have pilling if they are not well made to resist the pressures of daily wear. Our clothing line on the other hand is specifically curated to only stock pilling-resistant clothing, made either by state-of-the-art weaving techniques or by blending traditional natural fabric fibers with synthetic materials without distorting the intended feel of the natural fabric texture.

Sweat Absorbent and Breathable

Temperatures in North America have risen year over year. That means trying to balance looks with sweat absorbent clothing can be a challenge. At Soojinstyle our clothing line gives you the best of both worlds because these two things are the basic must-haves for quality-made Asian apparel, since hot temperatures are much higher and constant over there. Items such as our Slim Look Minimalist Dress does this wonderfully, making you feel good and look good at the same time!
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